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Did you know?

  1. Air pollution causes crime and unethical behaviour (lse.ac.uk)
  2. Air pollution by disc brakes causes 20% of the total emissions by a standard car and the pollution (ultra-fine dust) is more toxic for humans than exhaust fumes.
  3. Ultra-fine pollution (PM 0.1) isn't yet officially measured in many cities (including London) while the particles have a greater impact on health.

Air pollution causes crime and unethical behaviour

Recent studies have discovered a link between air pollution and crime.

The evidence suggests that air pollution has the capacity to increase bad behaviour. But further research indicates that it can have even more serious impacts. One study of air pollution and crime in 9,360 US cities suggests that air pollution increases crime.

Recent research from the UK provides more evidence. By comparing data for 1.8 million crimes over two years with pollution data from London’s boroughs and wards. The analysis considered factors such as temperature, humidity and rainfall, days of the week and different seasons. The researchers found that a 10 point raise in the AQI increases the crime rate by 0.9 per cent. Levels of crime in London are therefore higher on the most polluted days. The study found that air pollution influenced crime in London’s wealthiest and poorest neighbourhoods. (lse.ac.uk)

Update 2019: Study Links Air-Pollution to Violent Crime (FBI crime data)

"If you reduce pollution, you might see a reduction in crime as well,” (Colorado State University)
Ultra-fine particles PM0.1, PM2.5 and PM10

Ultra-fine pollution not yet measured

Ultra-fine pollution PM0.1 is not yet widely regulated, studied or measured.

In big cities such as London, PM0.1 isn't yet officially measured (2019).

The effects on health are largely Unknown.

Impact on health

According to a recent study, PM0.1 ultra-fine dust is emerging as the most abundant pollution in cities.

Ultrafine particles (UFPs or PM0.1) are the fraction of ambient particulates with an aerodynamic diameter smaller than 0.1 microm. PM0.1 is emerging as the most abundant particulate pollutants in urban areas. Ultrafine particles have been less studied than PM2.5 and PM10 particulates.

UFPs represent an area of toxicology of emerging concern. (PubMed.gov)

PM0.1 (<0.1µm) particles have a greater impact on health than PM2.5 (<2.5µm) and PM10 (<10µm) particles, because:

  1. PM0.1 particles can easily get into the respiratory system and enter the blood stream.
  2. PM0.1 particles contain toxic elements such as heavy metals and hydrocarbons that can't be removed by the body.

UN World Environment DayY4PT

Protection today

It may take decades for the air in cities to become healthy.

A daily city commute may have an impact of inhaling air pollution for a hour or more per day. In 10 years time it would correlate with inhaling air pollution for about a year in total time (7,300 hours).

It is only when the little children in the family get sick that people become more aware of air pollution. All of a sudden, they look at the many things that cause air pollution.

The study conducted by the Exploration of Health and Lungs Environment (Exhale) among nine to ten-year-old children in London showed shocking results. These children have been exposed to pollutants in the community caused by traffic. Researches saw that air pollution has caused stunted lung growth in these children. Dr. Ian Mudway, the respiratory toxicologist in London said, “The data shows that the children’s exposure to air pollution is keeping their lungs from growing properly. Children from the ages five to eight years old who are exposed to pollution lose as much as 10% of their lung capacity. The sad part is that they can never get this back.” (Phys.org)

Regrettably, in 2019, there are not much effecient air pollution filters for helmets available. We spoke to several companies and some of the biggest air filter companies mentioned that it was on their agenda.

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